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Expungement makes it easier to get jobs, travel to a foreign country, carry firearms legally and have peace of mind.

The old expungement law only allowed expungement if you had one felony conviction. Then it was modified to allow one felony and one misdemeanor. the good news is that now, you can expunge up to three felonies and unlimited misdemeanors in the same application.   Expunged convictions are treated like they never existed. 

The application process has a number of steps including obtaining a record of convictions, getting certified copies of convictions from various courts, and obtaining fingerprints

At the Randolph Law Group, we can help you complete the process and prepare you for court to increase the chances that your application will be granted.


The application fee that must be submitted with each expungement application to each court is $50.  The attorney fee charged by Randolph Law Group is $1,500 for the conviction to be expunged plus $200 for each additional conviction.  Travel expense are additional and other incidental expenses, if required, are not included.

Currently, we only offer expungement in MIchigan.   

Learn more about Michigan expungements here, including info for those wishing to do it yourself:

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