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At The Randolph Law Group, our bankruptcy practice provides clients in Michigan and South Florida with big firm experience and personalized service.

While filing involves passing a means test to determine if you qualify, the goal of Chapter 7 is to help you:

  • Prevent foreclosure on a home

  • Discharge debt from personal loans and credit cards

  • Avoid deficiency debts

  • Relieve business debts

  • Stop creditor harassment

  • Prevent wage garnishment

  • Resolve possible lawsuits

Unlike a Chapter 13, bankruptcy filing, filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 is a simple and faster way to resolve your financial difficulties by having a trustee take possession of your assets, protecting exempt assets and liquidating non-exempt ones. Our bankruptcy attorneys provide guidance in finding out how to qualify and properly file all forms to resolve matters in as little as 90 to 120 days.


If you face a difficult financial picture, there is hope. The Mellor Law Firm offers efficient and experienced bankruptcy help. Contact us, or call (248) 851-1222 or 888 902-7274 to discuss your situation.

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